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the Quarterly Report is a regularly-published technical 

Sound Money Financials' Seminal Publication

Sound Money Financials specializes in high-tech development projects such as Bitcoin, mobile app development, and video sharing


SMF endeavors to provide interested readers with investment research, offering trade recommendations based primarily on a technical analysis of price action, but also factoring in a fundamental analysis of underlying market conditions, and a monetary analysis of global macro developments.   

Reading & researching obscure financial reports is one of the ways traders & investors can gather valuable market information that can then be used to develop non-consensus views regarding value (see Issue #1: A Most Important Discovery).  The behind-the-scenes work at Sound Money operates on a dual-pillar foundation of...

Heartfelt & Intellectual Curiosity grounded in a fiery love & universal dissemination of hardcover books & printed articles


- Conscious Awareness & Discipline founded on quantum bio-evolutionary, as well as astro-psycho-spiritual, scientific, and above all, mathematical principles; help guide our burgeoning understanding &

implementation of best practices with the newer and newer, untested and untried, life-changing technology we have at our fingertips.

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As a professional investment research entity, Sound Money Financials disclaims the following:  

Investors & traders should always exercise caution in regards to investment.  Past price performance cannot be relied on as an indication of future price performance.  Trading using technical analysis is a speculative venture & requires participants to develop a growing awareness & understanding of risk. 

Sound Money Financials takes no credit for gains & bears no burden for losses incurred by readers.

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