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Note: Responsible researchers give credit to their sources.  Properly acknowledging the people, books, and reports that have contributed & continue to contribute to my (and your) ongoing learning is the foundational philosophy of Sound Money Financials. As of 8/3, this is a very rudimentary list I put together in haste to cite the work that I used in the first issue of #theQR.   I have included some links but will add more. 


1. Tone Vays 

I started learning trading by watching Tone's YouTube channel, which is hands down one of the best resources for learning Technical Analysis & using the TD Sequential indicator.  I met Tone last October when I attended The Financial Summit he hosted in Bali, Indonesia.  


2. Tuur Demeester

I first read Tuur's work in April of 2019 & I bought Bitcoin at 3,900 Usd, which was as close to buying the low as I ever need to get.  I encourage you to view this report [Bitcoin in Heavy Accumulation] & to investigate further research by Adamant Capital, such as The Bitcoin Reformation.    

3. Mark Douglas, author of The Disciplined Trader 

4. Tyler D Coates, Leah Wald & Tyler Jenks, authors of Hyperwave Theory

While in Bali, I met Tyler Coates, who is also known as Sawcruhteez on Youtube, and Leah Wald, who worked at Lucid Investment Strategies with the late, great Tyler Jenks.  


Note: The list below lays out some of the best financial & Bitcoin-related books I read in 2019, the year I read 100 books:

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Blockchain: The Next Everything

Bitcoin Billionaires

The Bitcoin Standard

The Most Important Thing: Uncommon Sense For The Common Investor

The Misbehavior of Markets, Crypto Assets

The Personal MBA

The Internet of Money Volumes 1 & 2

The Dao of Capital

The Art of Execution

Step by Step Trading

DeMark Indicators

Candesticks, Fibonacci & Chart Pattern Trading Tools: A Synergistic Strategy to Enhance Profits & Reduce Risk.

Further reading I have found interesting & helpful:

The Bitcoin Whitepaper

The Age of Cryptocurrency

A Collection of Rare Writings by Edson Gould

Tides in the Affairs of Men


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