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Monday 8/24 Memo

My excitement lately has been fueled by remembering where I was last year at this time. This is Garnet Lake, about 25 miles into the John Muir Trail. I would quit my teaching job & dive headfirst into finance within days of returning from this trip.

Upcoming Schedule & Business Trip

It is 9:30am on a Monday morning and I’m feeling great.

I have to whip up a quick memo today because we have a lot going on at Sound Money Financials. My business purposes and priorities are becoming clearer by the day.

What I have here is, first, and foremost, a consulting firm. The first SMF publication offering my consulting services in a manual for Bitcoin; I have an upcoming business trip (which I will detail below), where my consultation services in two main areas are coming to fruition.

First is the ongoing consulting I’ve done for CSNS. With the uncertainty caused by corona, I have spent hours on hours talking busines strategy, from human resource considerations with the PPP to large-scale systems & efficiencies development.

Today, I will offer a job to a developer to begin work on a mobile app for CSNS. My work on this project is pretty much done. I frontloaded the shit out of it. I plan to conduct meetings with the project team on this business trip, and set it up so that I don’t return to it until early October, once I have passed the CAIA exam.

I am also in the final stages of completing my Pitch Deck for SMF—a pitch deck is the technologically-advanced version of a business plan. It’s shorter, more succinct, and way more efficient. That is the story of my life right now. Increasing efficiency where it can be increased, with a mind for maintaining strong personal relationships. The point is not for efficiency and technology to replace human contact; it is to narrow the focus of human contact to the most fulfilling areas. Our time and our attention come in mostly finite qualities. It is a process of allocating time to the areas that best serve us, and spending less time doing the things that don’t help, or hurt, or just don’t serve us as well as other available options.

It is this—the idea of opportunity cost—that I’m obsessed with. It’s part of the idea that, every time you say yes to something, you are saying no to a number of other things.

Anyway, this business trip is going to incredible. I have 6 meeting lined up with some girls and guys I have not seen since Nixon resigned. And I am presenting all of my best ideas to these people.

Now, that’s exciting.

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